Komal did a marvelous job with the accessories to my hosted bridal shower. She put the perfect touches with her accessories and designs to fit the Hawaiian theme I was going for. Definitely gave my event a proper feel.

Additionally, she is full of creative ideas and made the reception entrance have some pizazz. Adding the right items to the reception tables so that the audience could participate in congratulating the bride and groom definitely made the night more interactive and spectacular.

Radhika Patel

I have used Royal Events multiple times. Be it Christmas, bachelorette, haldi ceremony or different themed parties - she always meets my expectations. She always goes above and beyond to make me happy and satisfied. She is super organized and always makes sure that you are not stressed on the day of the party. She organizes/plans everything well in advance so that there are no last minute surprises. I would definitely recommend her to anyone and everyone who wants to have a great time at their parties and wants to make a long lasting impression on your guests.

Dhruvi Tyagi

I highly recommend Komal from Royal Events.

My bachelorette party weekend and bridal shower were beautiful memories that I will always reminiscence. This wouldn’t have been possible without Komal and her thorough planning. Every detail from venue, food, drinks, games, activities, gifts and coordination of 10 plus ladies, was perfectly executed.

A dear friend of mine, as well as a flawless event planner, Komal is the ideal choice for your next event.

Ramya Ramachandran

Komal is truly a sweetheart and organized my bridal shower and also choreographed and performed a wedding dance!

I left everything for her to plan as I had no idea on what I wanted and covid times were the hardest to plan anything.

She went over a lot of things! Even things I never even had thought about! She knew what questions to ask, and if I did not know an answer for a question she was great at making suggestions.

I appreciated all the follow-ups and the timeline she provided me with to stay on track.

Any bride would be lucky to find such a fun loving, DEDICATED, detail oriented professional to work with.

Truly feel blessed and lucky to have a friend like her to help and support me in my life events. LOVE YOU Komal❤

Shilpa Mulliner